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We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Health, safety and environmental advice and local communities;

  • Purchase and sale of assets;

  • Construction and outsourcing;

  • Contracts for the purchase of energy and access to the system;

  • Concession contracts and authorizations;

  • Decommissioning;

  • Project development;

  • Surface rights;

  • Distribution, transmission and commercialization;

  • Project financing;

  • Fusions and acquisitions;

  • Electric power generation;

  • Joint ventures and options;

  • Energy auctions;

  • Public bids;

  • Regulated and free markets;

  • Regulatory;

  • Consultancy and assistance in all legal, regulatory and institutional aspects related to electricity and natural gas activities.

We are a family owned and operated business.

- Highlights in the Electric Energy segment:

  • Development of sectorial institutional models;

  • Electricity generation and transmission projects; bidding, granting and contracting a concession or authorization; constitution of a consortium and / or special purpose company; construction (EPC), financing, operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts;

  • Privatizations, acquisitions, mergers and divisions of concessionaires and authorized companies; and / or obtaining concessions and authorizations; transfer of control; legal audits (Due diligence);

  • Electricity purchase and sale contracting (CCVE and CCEAR);

  • Hiring access and use of the transmission and distribution systems (CCT, CUST, CCD and CUSD);

  • Analysis of ANEEL acts, rules and procedures of ONS (National Operator);

  • Transmission and distribution tariff methodologies;

  • Taxes and charges levied on sectorial businesses;

  • Mediation, arbitration, administrative and judicial litigation;


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