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Jimmy do Carmo
  • Academic Background / Degree:

  • Fordham University Scholl of Law
    International Executive LL.M -New York - USA. (2014 - 2016)

  • Fordham University Scholl of Law
    Strategic International Law, Corporate Law, Finance Project, M&A, International
    Tax, International Compliance. (2014 - 2014)

  • Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV
    LLM - Business Law.
    Theme: Functions and Acquisitions: An analysis of the capital gain in
    corporate reorganizations with change of control. (2014 - 2015)

  • Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV
    Applied Corporate Law - Capital Markets, Applied Corporate Law. (2015 - 2015.)

  • Federal University of Pará - UFPA
    Specialist in Accounting and Corporate Finance Management Theme: A
    Pricing of the Electricity Tariff: An analysis of the unitization of the concession assets and their impact on the base and rate of remuneration of the electric energy distributor in the State of Pará. (2013 - 2014)

  • Instituto Lucio Flavio Gomes - LFG
    Specialist, Tax Law and Tax Procedure.

  • ICMS and the Legal Validity of Indirect Passive Subjection. (2011 - 2013)

  • Escola Superior Madre Celeste - (Scholarship) Bachelor of Laws (2007 - 2011)

  • Complementary Training

  • Labor Law and Business Advocacy. (Hours: 10h).
    Brazilian Bar Association - Pará Section. (2013 - 2013)

  • Coaching: Developing Behavioral Competence. (Hours: 20h). Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises in Pará (SEBRAE-PA). (2013 - 2013)

  • Fiscal Analytical Practice. (Hours: 8h). STAR Training. (2012 - 2012)

  • Legal evidence for Outsourcing. (Hours: 8h).
    JR Cursos e Treinamentos Profissional LTDA. (2012 - 2012)

  • FAP Analysis and Dispute. (Hours: 8h).
    JR Cursos e Treinamentos Profissional LTDA. (2012 - 2012)

  • Withholding taxes PIS, Cofins, CSLL, IR. (Hours: 8h).
    JR Cursos e Treinamentos Profissional LTDA. (2011 - 2011)

  • Languages

  • Advanced English
    Basic Spanish

  • Professional performance:

  • Founding partner of Brasil, Carmo & Rodrigues Advogados.

  • Chairman of ECOMAR's Creditors Committee.

  • Senior lawyer responsible for tax, regulatory, corporate, high-impact civil matters (over 1 MM) and the Judicial Reorganization process (over 3.2 BI) at the Central Power Plants of Pará - CELPA.

  • Fiscal Counselor at Fascemar Previdência Complementar.

  • Member of the OAB / PA Tax Studies Commission and speaker at the said class body.

  • Member of the Brazilian Association of Tax Law (ABRADT).

  • Experience in the area of ​​Law with emphasis on Environmental, Land, Corporate, Labor, Social Security, Business and Tax. Noteworthy, the environmental and land areas due to the

Vládia Brazil
  • Academic Background / Degree:

  • Bachelor of Laws from Faculdade Ideal - FACI, starting on 01/21/2008 and ending on 12/21/2012.

  • Post-graduate student in the Labor and Social Security Law and Process Course - PUC MINAS starting in May 2017 and ending in June 2019.

  • Regularly registered with the Bar Association of Brazil / PA under nº 18.812.

  • Professional performance:

  • Internship at the Commercial Registry of the State of Pará - JUCEPA. From February to September 2010. Analyzing business contracts, launching company documentation in the Junta Comercial system and digitizing processes.

  • Internship at the Finance Department of the Municipality of Belém - SEFIN. From October 2010 to June 2012, having experienced the practice of Tax Law, especially with the judicial charges related to Municipal taxes (IPTU, ISS, TLPL).

  • Internship at the Public Defender's Office working at NAEM - Center for Specialized Assistance to Women Victims of Domestic Violence. From September 2011 to June 2012. Participating in the care and reception of victims of domestic violence and facilitating legal guidance in civil and criminal actions.

  • Internship at the “Coelho de Souza” office from 06/22/2012 to 12/22/2012. Acting in assistance to civil litigation lawyers, DPVAT Insurance Collection actions and other civil and labor claims.

  • Lawyer at the Law Firm “Freire Figueiredo”, from 25/02/2013 to 05/06/2013. Acting on behalf of Respondent companies, holding labor hearings, preparing opinions and various petitions.

  • Lawyer at the “Leão Matos” Law Firm, from June 2013 to November 2015. Lawyer active in State Justice, Civil Law and Special Courts in Search and Seizure Actions in favor of Banks and Adverse Actions.

  • Lawyer member of the firm “Brasil, Carmo e Rodrigues Advogados” from April 11, 2016 to the present day, being the partner who works as Coordinator of the Labor Portfolio.

  • Vice-President of the Tax Law Commission of the OAB / PA Sub-session Ananindeua-PA.

  • Member of the Commercial Association of Ananindeua-Pa. (ACIA)

  • Courses:

  • Basic Computing - Windows, Word, Excel and Internet.

  • Skills:

  • Professional with communication skills, good interpersonal skills, dynamic, and easy to adapt.

  • Preparation of procedural documents, steps in the Civil, Criminal and Labor forums in the Capital and special courts.

  • Availability to work in the morning and afternoon.

Carlos Eduardo
  • Academic Background / Degree:

  • Elementary and High School - Colégio Gregor Mendel Pituba.

  • · Higher Education, Catholic University of Salvador-BA, Brazil (Beginning on 07/2005; Ending on 12/2010).

  • Lawyer: OAB: 22213-B.

  • Post-graduation in Public Law, with emphasis on Administrative and Constitutional Law,

  • UNAMA (Belém-PA / Brazil). Start 03/2019.

  • Language: Advanced English

  • Professional performance:

  • TRAINEE | MODELO PROFESSOR MANOEL RIBEIRO OFFICE (AUGUST / 2007-MAY / 2008) Legal advice for those benefiting from legal assistance in the areas of family and consumer.

  • TRAINEE | ADVOCACY OFFICE DANTAS AND FREIRE (OCTOBER / 2008 MARCH / 2009) Procedural monitoring of office clients in the Special Courts, Civil, Federal and Labor Courts of Salvador / BA; Legal advice to the firm's clients, including Banco Mercantil, Bahia Gás and Schincariol.

  • TRAINEE | PUBLIC MINISTRY OF THE STATE OF BAHIA (APRIL / 2009-FEBRUARY / 2011) Legal support to the Representatives of the Parquet, acting in the Public Prosecutor's Office for the Environment, Childhood and Youth and the Jury, as well as in the Civil and Criminal Public Prosecutor's Offices from Bahia.

  • LEGAL ADVISOR | ADVOCACIA ORLANDO KALI FILHO (APRIL / 2011-AUGUST / 2011) Legal support in the demands of the firm, especially those linked to Banco do Nordeste.

  • LAWYER | BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF SUPPORTING RETIREES (ASBP) (AUGUST / 2012-FEBRUARY / 2013) Full legal advice to members, mainly focused on legal assistance at the INSS and filing demands for granting, reviewing and restoring social security benefits.

  • LAWYER | CELPA-CENTRAIS ELÉTRICAS DO PARÁ S / A (MARCH / 2013-JANUARY / 2019) Lawyer linked to the internal legal of the Company, militant in the corporate area, of judicial and extrajudicial collection, coordinator of the law firms in civil litigation processes of low and medium impacts, analysis of regulatory demands and full legal advice to the management of the Company.

  • LAWYER | BRAZIL, CARMO AND RODRIGUES ADVOGADOS (APRIL / 2016)   Founding partner of the Brasil, Carmo e Rodrigues Advogados Law Firm, with a strong presence in the corporate law segment.

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