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BCR Advogados is a firm that has extensive knowledge in several legal areas, especially in the fields of Mining and Energy. The firm was born out of the need for a differentiated law practice in the municipality of Ananindeua and offers personalized service and standardized feedback to the client. BCR Advogados is the only law firm in the State of Pará that participates in the Energy Studies Commission of the Brazilian Institute of Energy Law - IBDE, in addition to being a member of the Tax Law Commission of OAB / PA, with great performance in the Mining areas. , Energy, Tax and Judicial Recovery.





Guarantee clients legal certainty in their decision-making, seeking to master the client's business for an excellent performance and committed to the results.

To be a reference in Corporate Law in the Municipalities that are part of the RMB.

Professional ethics, technical qualification, multidisciplinary vision, personalized service, proactivity, competence and social responsibility.


Learn more about BCR

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BR. 316, Km 8. Edifício Business 316, nº 501 - Sala 201, 203, 204 e 209. CEP 67.030-000, Ananindeua-PA.

Phone: (91) 3013-8000


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